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Information for the New update

Post  Rage Gray on Fri May 18, 2012 1:46 pm

(all of which has been given to me by Andr0nicus)

scavenge lvls
break down into lvl # times 10. At lvl 36 you need 360 pts, lvl 37 requires 370 pts etc. I believe trader, healing & duel work the same way, lvl 39 healing requires 390 pts, etc. Important note since the update, zombies now stand still when you scavenge, so be careful not to stop on them.
Also, having used the stim booster, I do recommend it for scavenging despite the 100 credit cost. At the 30 levels it saves you the cost of energy drinks by about half of what you'd need to level without it. I did all scours in order to hit as many locations (points) in the hour timeframe. It doubles your points during this time. Explore=1pt/2pt, scavenge=2pts/4pts, scour=3pts/6pts.
The total credit cost to raise a scavenge lvl will depend on 1) your energy lvl 2) your scavenge lvl. 3) booster or no booster
So example: Player lvl 39 = 390 energy
Scavenge lvl 38 = 380 pts to increase, explore=38 scavenge=76 scour=114, explore=1pt, scavenge=2pt, scour=3pt (with booster it's 2,4,6)

Divide energy lvl by scavenge option:
390/38= 10.2. 10 explores, 10pts
390/76= 5.1. 5 scavenges 10pts
390/114= 3.4. 3 scours + 1 explore 10pts (9pts + 1pt)

So one turn (full energy) gives you 10pts, 20pts with the booster. This means 38 turns (or drinks) without the booster, 19 turns (or drinks) with it.
38x20 credits = 760
19x20 credits + 100credits = 480
760-480=280 credits saved.

Healing and Dueling would be calculated in a similar manner.

Looks like 100 energy drinks to lvl up lvl10 energy skill, not sure if 100 is the cap or lvl 11 will require 110 drinks to lvl. It's 10 additional energy gained for every lvl up though. Suspect Stamina lvl is 100 pills at lvl 10, but this one may take a while.
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